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Gus Macker Is Back In Peoria
July 29 - 30, 2017 at Northwoods Community Church

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  • Apr 29, 2017 | 11:41 am

    Tailgate N' Tallboys Tailgate N' Tallboys + Steamboat Days = 1 good time.



The Macker Tournament is designed so that anyone can play: male or female, young and old, short and tall, the most experienced or no experience at all. This maintains the purity and integrity of the driveway game.

Since 1987, the Macker tour has expanded, holding a total of 972 tournaments with over 2.2 million players – male and female from 7 years old to 50+ - and more than 23 million spectators.

Please visit the Gus Macker Peoria Facebook Page for more info!

If anyone would like to volunteer for the Gus Macker, please Email: volunteer@gusmackerpeoria.com

If you would like to be a sponsor for the Gus Macker, please Email: sponsorship@gusmackerpeoria.com

If you need further information about Gus Macker, please Email: info@gusmackerpeoria.com

Event Information

JULY 29 - 30, 2017
Northwoods Community Church
10700 N Allen Rd
Peoria, IL 61615

Register Online deadline:
July 10th

Register Mail-in deadline:
July 7th

Register Here!

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